Sunday, 25 July 2010

Molto Bella!

It's not singing in the rain but more images from the Tuscany shoot.  It was hot so a little rain was most welcome.  The views and location were stunning, thanks to Leonardo at Scout It.

Yet another dashing shot of model, Christian and the very 'grande' stately home.  From here we travelled to a town close to Pistoria.

Si, si, it is Firenze.  A beautiful city with so much to see but as with most shoots we had not hoo!

And here are some of the crew that made it all happen. They all worked very hard in the heat and I am ashamed to say a few got a little burnt on the last day (yes, very bad).

All in all a fantastic trip, lots of travelling but a team I would happily work with again ...they may not say the same about me though!!
Ciao Ciao!

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