Monday, 10 October 2011

Beauty Alert: The Perfect Red Lip Stylo!

Lip Stylo-Hot Red
Not many of you seem familiar with this German cosmetics brand but I have had the pleasure of enhancing beautiful faces further with a few key pieces in my kit for some time.  The Alcina Eye Brow Liner pencil is a must, a good neutral shade to fill in and create a spectacular arch along with the highlighter on one end, the duo make for precise brows.
But the Alcina Lip Stylo is most remarkable!  On looking at this shade of Hot Red you might think of it as an average red with an average finish.  Wrong!
The slim design means application is neat whilst the results provide lips with the perfect red, not too dark, not too orange with a velvet finish.  At only £10 this is beauty bargain, especially if you're an all year round  red lip wearer with a pinched purse from purchasing some of the leading brands that don't always result in 'getting what you pay for'.
Lip Stylo-Light Berry
After months of brimming with work and nothing warranting 'berry' tones, I finally applied the Alcina Lip Stylo in Light Berry for a recent Marie Claire shoot.  My model was fearful it might appear too dark and goth-like but I assured her, this colour would merely add a subtle berry hue and defined lip shape, which it did and so complimented her red and purple outfit for the photoshoot.
They say 'try before you buy' but trust me, these will not disappoint!


  1. Oh I want these! What is the berry comparable to, and is the red a proper pillar box red?

  2. these look fab! where can I get them??

  3. Sam- I would compare the velvet finish to the new Chanel Velvet Lip Colours, not entirely matt but smooth nonetheless. The Hot Red is a perfect pillar box 'vintage' red if you will. The berry I can't compare but a very wearable berry and not too much blue tone to make one look peeky.

  4. Jennifer- They are fab and only available online. Click on the Alcina links to go directly to their website or I believe 'Look Fantastic' site sells them too. Happy shopping!