Monday, 26 September 2011

More than a BB!

Plenty has been said on BB creams in recent months and there are so many on the market but which one to try?
  I used these Une BB Cream Foundations on about 8 women last week, all different skin types and complexions, these worked wonders.  
To look at, some of the shades appear darker than they do on the skin, choose carefully and maybe one shade up from what you see.  The smooth finish and fine texture allows for skin to peep through whilst nourishing and protecting, as well as createing such a beautiful, natural look, that also adds a delicate dewiness.  For those with oily skin, this BB Cream Foundation tends to shine well, without caking, for dry skin this adds moisturising properties. 
Une's BB are creams; this means speed for application.  I wouldn't recommend the brush it comes with in the mirrored, sliding palette, too small though handy for around the eye area, instead a flat or flat top foundation brush works for an even complexion.  Use of fingers might be a 'no, no' too as the warmth of hands might melt and create a slippery base.
Only £14.99, 100% natural, refillable, available in 7 shades and out now in Boots stores.

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