Friday, 11 May 2012

Tints of Nature Highlights, naturally!

From a very young age, I've been experimenting with my hair; never too extreme, oh there was this time I shaved my hairline, but from time to time I would snip here and there to get a look I felt most comfortable with, rather than the sharpest look from a Professional Hairdresser.  When I eventually indulged my virgin hair to colour I played with L'Oreal Experte, a home permanent colour kit, which not only created all over hair colour but highlighting too for 'multi-tonal' hair. Perfect! I had fun with that for many years and created some great results.  I recall a shoot working with, one of the great Masters of Hair, Nicky Clarke who asked who had coloured my hair.  I hesitated, not sure on whether I would offend and get thrown off the shoot but I eventually revealed the true colour provider via a trip to Boots.  He was astonished but praised me highly on the results.  
Like all good things, typically L'Oreal discontinued this home kit, why? 
I don't know but it meant I gave in and went Pro making regular visits to a salon for my 'Sunkissed' hair.
After a few loyal years to a very good salon using Davines (98% natural), I decided to grow out the colour as my most recent haircut was shorter, sharper and just didn't cut it any more!
Could I try a home kit once again?
But which one would get the highlight I wanted without being harsh, I began asking around for more natural solutions.  

Like the Goddess of Green Beauty she is, Louise Dartford kindly recommended the site Tints of Nature who stock 'Highlights' for Blonde results naturally, for Dark Brown to Blonde Hair.  I ordered this straight away on-line and received it a few days later.  All excited to give my hair a another dimension, I readily began the colour prcoess!

I am under no illusion, I know I have very dark hair, so anything with Hydrogen Peroxide shouldn't be taken lightly (no pun intended), plus I was aware my past colour had not fully grown out and I was keen not to stretch the quality of my hair; I just wanted a highlight at the front, at both temples which would also give my hair some lift.

I must stress, if you are contemplating this, then always read instructions carefully and do a patch test!!!
Because I feel confident and know my hair and skin sensitivities, I didn't use the pierced cap provided as I required the luxury of choosing the strands and sections.  
Above is how I sectioned my hair, aiming to highlight around my hairline only.

With the gloves provided fully on, I mixed up the solution of Ammonia-Free Lightening Powder and Cream Activator into the mixing tray with the tinting brush, then gently brushed along  small sections of hair, starting at my parting.

Ok, doesn't look pretty, some of you may think I am mad to be using this method but I have done this before and prefer the way it flatters how my hair naturally falls.  
I left the cream solution in for about 10-15 minutes, watching the lengths of hair and roots carefully for colour alterations.  Once I was convinced I had enough of a transformation I carefully washed my hair to remove the solution, then shampooed and conditioned with the Tints of Nature sachets included, which by the way, smells and feel sensational!

You may think I've gone backwards here, no, I dried my hair where you can see some lighter strands, then again, went through the process of highlighting the partings for an additional lightening effect.
After waiting less then 10 minutes, I followed the rinsing, washing and drying process yet again.

I must apologise for these 'after' photos, the quality is not good but I'm sure you notice the results.

Here's another (cross eyed) view where the highlight is more visible.

All in all, I am really pleased and loving the condition, which is such an added bonus to most Highlighting kits where can literally feel like straw.  Of course I'd use this colour system again with the comfort of knowing its Ammonia-Free, has protective conditioners and gentle.  I know I threw a few of the instructions out the window (which I wouldn't necessarily recommend to those not adept to home kits) but sometimes it works well for the individual to do this and make it your own!!

What do you think?
Would you and have you tried home colour kits?


  1. That looks lovely - really pretty and natural. I quite regularly bleach bits of my hair - I'm just careful to keep an eye on the condition and use good conditioners afterwards.

    1. Hi Grace L, thank you. Have you tried this brand?
      I am most definitely watching the condition though I have used Jerome Russell before and it immediately felt dry, so let's see!

    2. The Jerome Russell kit is the one I use - my hair is okay with it as long as I baby it afterwards, and I add a couple of drops of oil (usually argan) into the mix too. I will have to give this one a go though.

    3. I should have mentioned, the oils are added into this, so it is very conditioning! Let me know how you get on!