Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Obsessive Summer Lips!

I've become a little obsessed with OCC Lip Tars, from Cocktail Cosmetics, you may have noticed this on Twitter and thought, 'she's a bit slow on the uptake!'
I probably am, as I do have foolproof products I have loved for years, even decades, therefore these obsessive findings are a triumph and should be much hailed for their density, staying power and unbelievable 'I hardly feel a thing' texture.
I first tried them on this shoot by mixing a bit of Digitalis and Belladonna together, which in turn picked up on the floral shades in our models dress.
Any thoughts?  Are you obsessed too?


  1. I have a few shades but haven't played around much with them but you've just reminded me to dig them out. It looks fab on your gorgeous model. Now I just gotta google what Digitalis and Belladonna, as I'm sure they are something I should know about if you are using them. Diane x

  2. Looked them up, pretty colours, just dug mine out I have Plum, Divine and NSFW.

  3. You must get them out and have a play! They are beautiful shades of pale pink and a deep lilac, stunning. I'm sure they will come in handy for you course!! x

  4. Start playing Diane, they surprise me every time. They have some unusual colours in the range so I am looking forward to mixing and concocting one off shades! x

  5. I think I will invest in a few more especially of the unusual colours so I can to the same, would be great to customise my own shades. Wore NSFW today, amazing red, doesn't go well with eating, all over the face haha