Friday, 4 May 2012

Body and Shine Shoot!

Sometimes less is most definitely more!  I am a great believer in that.  I am not known for outrageous statements, more a painterly style and more often for great skin.
I recently worked on a beauty shoot with one of my favourite Photographers, Karan Kapoor.  We have collaborated before, most recently the Painted series and again we were keen to work to a brief.

We chose 3 models, one being Shumi, a lovely Asian girl with adorable skin and she was set to cover our body brief!

Minimal prep work for Shumi's hair, make up and body but that's not to say it took a few minutes. I prepped skin with Vichy 3 in 1 Cleanser, then mixed a dusky shade with Iman Luxury Radiance Liquid Make up Foundation, which has a subtle golden hue allowing skin to appear luminous.  I really wanted skin to look like skin, so the foundation was literally a veil of coverage.  To create the wet shine I patted on  Shiffa Beauty Balm, a unique smelling versatile balm; ideal as cleanser, nightime balm and handy body and lip balm too.

I was keen to create a ribbony texture with Shumi's hair. It's long and dark which could appear dense and lifeless on camera therefore I used products which actually made it feel quite sticky, as well as shiny such as Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Shock sprayed into wet hair, then Brocato Shimmer Gold Spray for a glisten.

The results were perfect...I was close to finishing at this point, some more water/glycerin needed to be sprayed onto her body in order for hair to adhere to the body around the neck and shoulders, to appear like tree roots and a last minute decision to change the parting, as it appeared as a harsh line on camera.

I know it might not be a look you'd want to achieve for a night out though the burst of shine is something I'd like to achieve this Summer.

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