Sunday, 22 April 2012

Beauty Alert: Anti-Ageing Elixir

There has been much discussed, written and praised about Argan Oil, it seems to be the ingredient of the moment, after all I have recently written plenty about this super beauty oil, but let us not forget it has been a hidden beauty secret for centuries and on past trips to Morocco, I regretted not haggling for tank loads of this gem.

As an Argan Oil devotee I just had to tell you about this Anti-Ageing Elixir from terre d'Oc which is unusually smooth and light for an oil, especially Argan as it's qualities are often more oily and full bodied.  This elixir has a lightweight texture and has the additional ingredient of Prickly Pear, which has soothing qualities, a must for sensitive and mature skins as this protects the skin to the max.

As with most oils mixing can them into other formulations is an advisable way to boost moisture and I've been adding the odd drop into my Argan based moisturiser for a subtle glow on my dry skin resulting in 24 hour hydration.

If you don't want to take my word for it, the Beauty Shortlist has just awarded it as the winner of the Best Serum!

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