Thursday, 22 April 2010

Hairloss: Part One

Hairloss is no laughing matter and has been the bane of my life for a few years now.  Due to acquiring Hypothyroidism some years ago, my once thick, strong, healthy hair became thin and began receding around the hairline.  Once I'd been diagnosed and popped my Thyroxine, I naively thought it would grow back full and volumonous, how wrong I was.
I am on a quest to find the magic formula and after speaking to many women in the same situation I have found the same response, "my confidence was shattered".  I hear you and whether it's through stress, thyroid problems or worse, waking up to bald patches or fine, lifeless hair is beyond a joke!
Let's see if this is the winning formula:

I am taking iron supplements as I am deficient (as most women are) and this can be a key factor.

Using Michael Van Clarke 3" more inches range with Shampoo and Conditioner to promote healthy hair, which includes a Pre-Treatment.

Twice a week applying, Castor Oil, yes, oil to my hair after washing.  Wrapping my head in cling, then a towel to penetrate for a few hours.  (Not attractive, thank god I've no flatmates!)

And finally, I'm attempting to reduce my hair washing to a couple of times a week.  Hard task after the gym and swim but hey, I am going to find a way back to thick hair.

I'll update soon and see if the mission has been accomplished!


  1. Thanks for these tips.. I'm interested to see how it comes along for you, as I also once had much thicker hair, and over the last few years I have lost a lot too and it has thinned out. I also try to just wash my hair every few days. Hope it works out for you, and I'll give the oil treatment a try.

  2. Thanks Chantal, it would be lovely to hear how you get on too. Also worth checking your iron levels. All the best.