Thursday, 15 April 2010

Working my way to Wellbeing.

I have regular treatment for my hypothyroidism and after years of acupuncture with the lovely Sue Cheetham, dietary tests courtesy of Dr Mouton at the Hale Clinic, which I swear by, I stumbled across Pressure Therapy.  Ok, let me explain.  My glands are up the spout, not only adrenals but lymphs too and GP's just dont focus on these for health and wellbeing. 
After a few sessions with Graham at the Notting Hill Acupuncture Centre he commented on my weak lymph glands, er, and what do they do? 
The boring part is generally about fighting infection but the interesting bit was water retention and feeling good and reducing the strain on my glands.  I'd always blamed my heavy hips and thighs on my love of chocolate, poor diet (oh er chocolate then) and thyroid problems.  
Lucky me, I know Sima who has only one of three locations in London offering Pressure Therapy to stimulate weak lymphs into action.  I have now had a course of therapy which basically means lying in a body bag whilst it inflates, so no big hardship there.  The results have been beyond amazing...water retention and cellulite reduced, my poor flailing bust is back to almost their teenage pert years and yes, other useful areas tighten too.  As for my wellbeing, I have more energy and less thyroidal symptoms.  Another course is on its way, hurrah!
For more information contact Sima on 07723338011


  1. That sounds great! I need sorting out! wonder if there is anything similar in DXB?

  2. can this be true!!??? wow sounds amazing!!!

  3. It is amazing and really works. I highly recommend it.