Sunday, 16 May 2010

Hairloss: Update no.2

I finally have some positive news, my hair is showing signs of regrowth!

I visited Ena Salon recently to have my sunkissed highlights redone and the colourist, Lindsey, noticed regrowth around my temples.  This is good news and proves that I am unlikely to experience extreme baldness.  The downside is this now proves a pattern in how my hair will always replenish
Due to hypothyroidism there is a slower supply of blood to promote the cycle of hair naturally falling out to then regrow.  Knowing this makes me feel better, so as much as I am following my list of treatments, the result is more about healthy hair than anything else.

Will I carry on taking supplements and slathering on castor oil etc?

Yes, because if I can achieve healthy hair then it makes those blank patches seem less  significant.

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