Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hairloss: Update

No signs of major regrowth yet, even though I have been religiously drenching hair in castor oil twice a week, washing occasionally with Michael Van Clarke 3 more inches Life Extending Haircare and popping mega strength iron supplements galore!

Though saying this, I have had so many compliments about the health of my hair itself.  Many have said the condition has improved and is glossier than ever before.  I put this down to the Michael Van Clarke range due to the Pre Treatment which helps nourish hair back to its best.

Additionally, after much research I have learned that Co-Q 10, Biotin, Shark Liver Oil and Vitamin B6 will all accompany me back to regrowth, therefore I have added these supplements to my daily regime.

Hmm, hopefully I can watch and grow!


  1. Dear Nadira V. Persuad:

    Hello, my name is jon-paul and I am a booker/agent in the advertising business. Recently a client was making wonderful remarks vis-a-vie an Activa Light commerical she'd seen. In particular she mentioned the model and how effortless her make appeared on her...natural.

    Since you have worked with models and with Activa do you know who that model was? Do you know what agency she worked with? Any clues are a great help. Thank you in advance, Cheers!


  2. Hi JP I have worked on Activia but have no idea who you might be talking about, I've done a number of commercials for them. Sorry I can't help any further but you can get in touch via my website. All the best.