Sunday, 30 January 2011

Keep it clean!

Hygiene is high on my list of priorities as a Make Up Artist and it should be for any beauty user.
Many individuals, sitting in my make up chair have admitted never cleaning their 10 year old blusher brush, whilst in the same conversation declaring their skin unpredictable with incurable spots.  Er, hello!!!
I beg to differ, a little common sense and thought is all that is required.  Cleaning brushes regularly with shampoo, brush cleaner or good old fashioned Fairy Liquid to avoid bacteria growth, which leads to those unsightly pimples is a 'no brainer'.  Throwing away products when their consistency or smell changes and most definitely your mascara, every 3 months maximum without fail is not senseless but sensible.
At work, if I didn't follow the hygiene code of conduct, I would be passing on bad practice and bacteria time after time.  Make Up Artists have to set standards and quite frankly it makes for a better artist!
I use spatulas, artists palettes to dispense products, hand sanitizers, disposable mascara and lipgloss wands etc.  Unfortunately, it wasn't something I was taught at college many years ago, but since following simple steps and procedures along the way, it has become second nature, just as making up a face has.
All quite simple really, you wouldn't eat off a dirty plate now, would you?!

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