Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Scrub off the old, reveal the new!

New Year, new skin!
It goes without saying, we've all partied and over indulged over the festive period and to our horror our skin is clogged, dull and all partied out.  What better way to reveal refreshed, revived and clearer skin than with Foaming Facial Scrub by Melvita, Natural and Organic Cosmetics, ideally used once or twice a week before your cleansing routine.
The micro particles of Bamboo Tears gently exfoliate and lift off dead skin and debris, whilst the foaming ingredients wash away to expose a refined complexion.
"Will it dry my skin?"  I hear you cry!  No, no, the Pink Corraline (an enriched seaweed) protects, the Jojoba and Carnuba Wax work to moisturise, therefore, no uncomfortable tightening and possibly guilt-free partying until next year.

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