Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Hero Product Alert!!!

Gel liners have been around for sometime now and getting better and better!  For those of you who haven't yet put aside your eye pencils to venture into new beauty territory, you must try New CID Cosmetics i-gel Long Wear Eye Liner Trio with Brush.
i-gel glides on effortlessly whilst the longlasting formulas allows the gel liner to be worn, without irriation, to the inner lash line without a smudge nor smear.  Further more, the award winning i-gel makes for a sturdy eye base, when smoothed over eye lids and a 'smokier' eye effect, by gently pressing the liner brush into the lash line. These versatile gel liners take on a slight metallic finish, available in shades of greys and browns, in additon to fashion forward Emerald, Indigo and my favourite Midnight Blue.
Finally, I salute New CID Cosmetics for their innovative and thoughtful packaging, especially the i-gel for adding the protective cap, helping avoid the liner drying out, shrinking and you wasting your precious pennies.  All in all, they always say good things come in threes!

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