Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Part Two: The Great Lash Appeal.

It has been about 3 weeks since applying M2 Beaute Lash Activating Serum, Revitalising Gloss and M2 Brows day and night religiously.  I've not been expecting a quick-fix, though I am most happy to reveal my lashes have taken to this beauty system rather well.
My lashes have gained length and I must admit, I never thought the lengthening effect would make a remarkable difference,  now these additional millimetres to the tips now extend further than I ever thought they could.  Whilst my lash line, top and bottom are filling up, this I love, as I lost some of my lashes sometime ago.
The condition of my eyelashes appear glossier and eyebrows are slowly thickening in the right places.  I am not aiming for Brooke Shields but I sure would be in beauty bliss grooming and plucking my brows into shape!


  1. this is good to know, I now have my bottle of the lash serum, ready to start testing, and am even more hopeful!

  2. Great lash system to try and impressive that in only 3 weeks I could it it taking effect. I am praying for thicker lashes now! Brows are thickening nicely. Keep a look out for more updates and let me know how you get on.