Saturday, 4 February 2012

Liner Lover!

Eye Styler
If you're a black eyeliner addict, then look no further.  Alcina Balance Eye achieves superb precision at an odd price (why did they not round it off?) but only £12.10.
Liquid liner can be fiddly to apply, too wet with more chance of smudging or down right tricky to get a slick line with a sexy flick, though Alcina's Eye Styler liner pen is a lasting brilliant black which draws a fine line perfectly due to the firm tip, no sign of running out part way through application as I discovered with countless applications. No smudging at all so guaranteed not to slide down after a long day or night.  Liner lovers, go get it!!


  1. Oh this sounds fabulous! I've only recently discovered liquid liner so am a bit of a novice, but this sounds easyish to use.

    Thanks for sharing

    Nic x
    ps I adore your blog header!

  2. Thanks Nic! This is so easy to use, the nib is so good! Give it a try. x