Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sun Bingo, Sun Bingo, Sun Bingooo!

Picture this.  You're sat watching TV, the ad breaks start to appear.  You find yourself immersed in the world of advertising and sometimes think, 'Why am I watching this?  It's so awful, its good!'  
You may find yourself thinking this with the new Sun Bingo TV Ads currently hitting your screens with another 'can't get that out of my head' style jingle, 'Sun Bingo, Sun Bingo, Sun Bingooo.....'
As much as I work hard and single handedly to gain recognition for advertising campaigns, events and yes, celebrity shoots when I perfect familiar faces, I also duck into TV and for the past 10 years or so TV commercials, equalling long days, ridiculous hours and bizarre briefs.  
Recently, I was optioned for a few days by a production company, then soon after I had a similar conversation to this with the Producer of the commercial.
 'Nadira, so the client would like the hair to resemble bubbles.  Different sizes randomly floating off the actresses head.'  'Ok!', I said. 'I have a few ideas, I will get back to you shortly.'  
'Oh and one more thing, Nad!'  'Yep?', I replied.  'She will be dancing around...a lot.' 

If you're following me on Twitter, you may have seen me mention 'hairballs', well, here they are and now you know why I made them.  Each one was made by hand (sometimes till very late at night), some taking approximately 25 minutes each, by teasing crepe hair and covering with bun nets to retain a ball shape.  I made about 40 of these.

And here's a closer look at Ms Bingo Bubbles herself, the hugely talented, hilarious and cryptic crossword addict, Elizabeth Bower.  
The mood decided for Bingo Bubbles was that of a 50's or 'retro' feel, with energy, vibrancy and a pop of colour.  As you can imagine the hair and make up process took a few hours and Elizabeth was extremely patient to be prodded and poked as well as allowing me to spray colour into her hair each day for the 3 day job.

The foundation I used has become a firm, reliable staple in my kit, Iman Stick Foundation.  For such a long, energetic day for the actress, this base needed only to be lightly dabbed with blotting sheets and gently pressed with a pressed powder along  Elizabeth's nose.  Eye shadow and Glitter liner were courtesy of Sleek, eye liner Clinique Brush On Gel Liner, eye brows Alcina Eye Balance and lashes by Blink & Go in Temptress no.5.

After painstakingly securing each hairball to towering proportions, I finished off Bingo Bubbles with a hint of Givenchy blush in Blooming Fuchsia and a glorious YSL Rouge Volupte lip colour.
So what now?  Where are the 'Bingo Bubbles'?  
Securely packed away in it's very own box.  Bingo!