Sunday, 4 September 2011

Eye spy something to shout about!

I wasn't planning to mention Natura Bisse products I was recently sent as a thank you but have to give praise to this little god send!
I'm currently working on a TV job and most of this month has been full of TV commercials equalling long days, ridiculously early starts and effectively looking pretty tired, some might say haggard.  Although I tend to look tired regardless of a heavy workload or not, I have never found an eye cream that assists in allowing all day luminosity until now.  Don't get me wrong, I will continue to alternate my Avon Anew  Eye Lift and Ole Henriksen Truth About Eyes at night to keep puffiness at bay but daytime brightness hasn't been discovered for a long time as I crave a lightweight consistency only.
Natura Bisse is a luxurious brand with claims of remarkable results, I'm sold!  Every time I've had the pleasure of using NB I've been impressed, although the price tag can be a little off putting.  The Cure Sheer Eye, however is around the £100 mark but I believe it's worth every penny as you only need a drop of product from the pump dispenser, to pat around the eye area.  The texture is very slightly waxy and has a sheer tint of beige which works on my mid to dark complexion.  My eyes are left with a sheen all day which softly blurs my naturally deep shadows.  
I feel quite addicted to this brightness now and knowing that it looks so natural and feels lovely...the claim is clearly stated 'provides anti wrinkle effect' and it does!  The downside is, I can't seem to find a UK link for this product. One thinks an online petition to get this over to the UK pronto is a must!

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