Friday, 17 February 2012

The Dual Bio Effect!

Bio Effect Daytime has finally arrived.  The creamy pot of EGF 'natural' goodness, made from Barley Protein works in tandem with the award winning, Bio Effect Serum, so that by day your skin bathes in a light formula of moisture with an undisclosed amount of EGF and at night swims in a more potent serum efficiently replenishing skin whilst you sleep.
I thought I'd set up a challenge for Bio Effect, seeing as I was the first person to test the super serum in the UK and very much applauded its sensational results instantly, by using the two products as suggested, for 2 weeks!  Here are my findings...  

Day 2, left side of my face - my skin is lightly peppered with blemishes (note the one on my upper cheek) which I could not banish whilst on holiday in the sun.  My pores are looking too open for my liking and skin generally tired. 

Day 2, right side of my face - similar texture here with open pores and a few unsightly marks (note the one close to my ear) from stress and hormonal spots I'd gained late last year.  I am wearing a dab of cream blush in both pictures; its not rosacea but Une Breezy Cheeks!

1 week, left side of my face - pores appear refined and blemishes less prominent, especially that annoying one on my upper cheek.

1 week, right side of my face - a noticable reduction of pore size with skin appearing more taught along with fading blemishes I'd longed to get rid of. There is a touch of natural radiance too, which is very much welcome!

Two weeks, left side of my face - I hope you are as impressed as I am. Need I say more! Not only have I had countless friends, clients and colleagues ask me what I've been using but the odd beauty expert too. 

2 weeks, right side of my face - my skin, without doubt is oozing luminosity and is almost blemish-free. 

What do you think?  Will you be the next Bio Effect convert?

I hear there is more to come from Bio Effect in the form of two revolutionary products, though that is a while away, in the meantime, these two skin saviours must be hailed as the 'dynamic duo of skincare' and I have no doubt they will win more nominations for best beauty awards, they get my vote!


  1. That's quite a difference! I can really see the difference in complexion, I want it now!

  2. Such a big difference in the flesh. I am so happy with the results. Thanks for your comment Hafsa!

  3. would not be without Bioeffect Serum and Day Cream

  4. Goodness me! that's a wow difference! I have open pores that I want to lose, think I may be purchasing this fairly rapidly!

  5. Hi Sam, Yes, it really has made a difference, I can't stress for how long I have been trying to rid some of those blemishes, so remarkable it only took a couple of weeks. x