Sunday, 11 March 2012

All kinds of smoky eyes!

If you consider Givenchy more a fragrance brand than a make up one then please think again!  I've been using Givenchy for almost a decade and time after time my heart melts for the Prisme's, quadruplets of colour in the shape of blushers, pressed powders, 
powder foundations and eye shadow quads and mono's.
The mono's are available in the perfect 'smoky' alternatives, greys, plums as well as these, shown above,  Casual Khaki on the left, Dressy Indigo, the right, are clever quads of the same shade, which some might think a bit of a waste but look again, they are all kinds of textures.  I say, this is genius on many levels especially as we tend to fall in love with a shade that suits us over and over again,  therefore this is a super solution where one can really experiment and nail that up to date smoky eye.  For a matte effect, choose Mat on the bottom left and top left for a Light Pearly finish, not too shimmery but enough to create a soft focus effect.  Top right is an Intense Pearly finish which reveals a great smoky shade on its own and lastly, bottom right has all the shimmer, sparkle complete in Sequined, multi-faceted colour.
1 colour, 4 finishes and 1 immensely happy Make Up Artist!
Shhhhh! Debenhams have included them in their current sale!!!

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