Saturday, 21 July 2012

Maybelline's for me!

Yesterday, I was on the hunt for a reliable liquid eye liner for two reasons; my usual felt pen style liner was running out and I thought I'd resist from replacing it by purchasing on-line as it is no longer available in the UK.  The second reason was that my other 'not so cheap' waterproof liquid liner was no longer performing as it should, in fact it had begun to flake soon after application.  
I visited a Pro store but they were out of stock of the Make Up For Ever Liner they thought I might like.  What to do?
I was eager to buy something immediately as back up at least!   
Then it struck me as I read a recent Elle magazine, whilst waiting to get my nails done, flicking through the beauty story adorned by a Make Up Artist I rate highly and respect as a Beauty Genius, yes, Sharon Dowsett, UK's Make Up Director for Maybelline!  This was recommendation enough for me plus I've read countless reviews on their liners, they are brand that is always easy to find and well stocked in Boots, so I dashed over there with great speed (after my nails were done, of course).

I was immediately drawn to this liner, Master Precise as it was similar to my existing one.  I was impressed by the super fine tip applicator as well as the price tag.  Bearing in mind its currently 3 for 2 on all Maybelline Cosmetics, I decided to buy two liners, one for my kit and one for myself.

When I arrived home I thought I'd draw an eye line as quickly as possible.   Yes, I do know I apply make up for a living but I don't wear much make up, certainly not liquid liners these days but even I was impressed by how easy it glided on while I traced it along the lash line with precision and without getting into an awkward posture to apply it.  Brilliant, I think I've found my 'reliable' liquid liner!  Of course, I went straight for the jugular by attempting to rub the fresh eye line with my fingers to find not even a smudge; it was evident, I had indeed found a remarkable liner.

I mentioned the offer of 3 for 2 at Boots so I made the most of it and purchased another item for myself.  I rarely buy make up these days as I earn products from editorial credits, published product mentions and my blog and with little time on my hands I don't get the chance to pass by and play with products for myself let alone my kit, so this was a treat.  I wanted to choose an alternative lip product to a lip stick, maybe a stain of some sort, then I noticed Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Gloss in Forever Coral.
I loved the colour (what's not to love about corals in the summer), the texture was of a stain quality though injected with a gloss finish, which I assumed would feel nice and hydrating, rather than dry as with some stains.

And I was right!  It felt so comfortable on, without an outrageous shine in a pretty hint of coral.  Long lasting?
Yes, this lip colour clung on nicely and didn't have that nasty gloopy feeling nor did it solidify or congeal.
I am so chuffed with these purchases so I urge you, if you're out this weekend on a jolly jaunt for make up, do take a look at these and make the most of this budget buy offer in Boots.
Which Maybelline products have you been using?

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