Thursday, 2 August 2012

High Impact? Extreme Volume?

New mascara? *rolls eyes* well this isn't one to ignore and I'd like to show you why.  Clinique, who produce some of my all time favourite mascaras have developed a mascara with such impressive impact I just had to blog about it.  The name, High Impact Extreme Volume in Extreme Black literally does what it says!

The new wand reminded me of a few products on the market; a cross between Benefit's They're Real, Avon's Super Shock Max and Max Factor False Effect with intimate bristles in plastic on a thick barrel with the added bonus of a rounded tip for those tricky lil' lashes.

Before applying I curled my lashes as I usually do- I wanted to see how extreme they could be!

First coat, pretty good and an intense matt black finish.

The second coat combed through what felt like each and every lash.

Ah, and now the real would it fair with no eye lash curling beforehand?

The first coat added volume for sure and equally definition.

Then the second coat impressed me the most, pure and simply VA-VA-VOOM.  I loved how each minute lash was boosted with ultra-thickness and volume for a full on effect without the use of my beloved eye lash curlers.
High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara is waterbased so removes with ease, though does stay in place all day without smudging as far as I could see.  I will most certainly use this again, the results are all that I look for in a mascara and from a company who have brought us some of the most  innovative and unique beauty must-haves.  


  1. Love Clinique mascaras. What eye makeup remover do you use Nadira?

    1. Glad you agree! I use Champneys Spa Skin Double Action Eye Mup Remover (available in Boots)for water based mascara such as this one or Givenchy 2 Clean to be True (oil based) Eye Make Up Remover for Waterproof mascara.x

  2. Sounds like a winner - looks great on you Nadira!
    Nic x

    1. Thanks, I love it and I don't get on with many mascaras on myself but do think Clinique get it right again and again. Must try! x

  3. Right, I might try the Givenchy -thank you!