Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Whole lotta love for M2 Beaute!

I was almost beside myself when I read a recent M2 Beaute press release from my darlings at Flipside PR about their latest additions, one of which is M2 Facial, an oil-free Eye Make up Remover; ideal if you've sensitive eyes, a lash extensions wearer or if you're following the M2 Beaute rituals with the M2 Lash Activating Serum.
The other product made me actually 'hola' at my screen and jump for joy, no lie!  I saw a lash tool design I had thought up and designed (sketched in a notepad) about 8 years ago and showed to a well known lash and brow company's PR but to no avail.  
M2 Tools Eyelash Comb have it spot on and huge applause for this as some lash comb features seem more treacherous instruments of torture with a high fear factor than useful beauty gadgets, however, because the precise steel teeth are set firmly in a curve upon a long grip handle, you could not go wrong as there is only one way to position the comb which is upwards through the lashes (a direction we want lashes to go anyway) , surrounding the contours of the eye shape to allow a clean, thorough sweep and even coat of mascara or M2 Lashes Revitalizing Gloss

Available now from Harrods and www.m2beaute.com 

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