Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Getting even more social and more 2015!

I do the blogging thing, granted not so often these days but I do get around to it as often as I can, as well as ample bouts of Twitter-ing @nadiramakeup and FB'ing nadiramakeupandhair which I'm quite frequent with as I give up to the minute snippets of beauty info, thoughts and news at your very fingertips.
Since, moving from Blackberry to Samsung - I know, I just couldn't get a grasp of the no keyboards thing but realised I was even more in the dark ages by not signing up to Instagram, the fastest growing social media portal.
I'm not one for too many selfie's but I thought I AM missing out.  Oh back in the day, I was always slightly ahead so I'm ashamed to say any technology these days stresses me out like nothing else.  I literally do need to phone a friend, geek or in extreme cases show rage at my local phone store. However, in my attempt to get with the program I saw that BB does have its own version which I downloaded and signed up for.  At least I tried and tried, then thought not even the brainiest geek will be interested, they'd say, "switch to an iphone."
I don't wanna!!!!!
I even went to great lengths to rectify this matter by emailing them andothing!

Nothing else for it,even the geek squad in the sky, ok, cyber space must have been looking down on me saying," its time for an upgrade, Nadira, like now!"
So I did, then I installed Instagram and guess what?
I registered to an account whilst waiting for the sales guy at the store to sort out my tariff and you'll never guess what happened then?
I turned on, downloaded and signed into my Instagram account on my new tablet that had been offered with my upgrade.  Yes, I know, I did and I believe I have now arrived in 2015 with feet firmly in this western world and all its crazy social media antics too.
I must admit, I miss my keyboard as I was darn quick on it but I've moved to this new world of tapping on imaginary keys and it has about the same effect. All hail predictive text.
There you go, I did it.  *Anyone under 35 will be rolling their eyes, if not rolling on the floor laughing.*
Well, you do that, I get it but sometimes the old ways are always here to stay.  One day they might bring out a new phone, slim, sleek and with KEYBOARDS - ya, so retro.  There is always something new and well marketed for us to gawp, gaze and grizzle at but some designs just remain such as my eyelash curlers; haven't changed in design for...well, like forever!!
See you on INSTAGRAM - nadiramakeupandhair

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