Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Rebalancing Beauty Alert: Alpha-H Liquid Gold Anti-Ageing Cleanser

It's very clear I am a fan of Alpha-H, why though?  
They just get it right and focus on our skincare needs rather than develop products they 'think' we need *ahem* like some big companies!
Alpha-H HQ have been beavering away in past months (and years no doubt) with repackaging and a slick re-brand as well as defining the Liquid Gold collection.  If you've not heard about Liquid Gold then get clued up now here.  
It was bound to happen, they were going to entice us with a cleanser so that we could encompass all our Glycolic Acid needs.  I'm am personally going off the term 'Anti-Ageing' which they have used for their Liquid Gold Anti-Ageing CleanserI might allow it this time as I regularly see the results from my clients who have become Alpha-H converts, who declare their skin appears more youthful.  Ok, that is a good call but there is nothing wrong with ageing, premature ageing maybe but not ageing.   Anyway, back to this new addition, soon out in the UK, which will, *hand on heart* become a 'cult' product too as it makes perfect sense to have a cleanser with an the Liquid Gold 'overnight facial' to complete and benefit your night-time routine.  
The cleanser itself is of a light creamy lotion, best massaged to dry skin (avoiding eyes) then massaged again with warm water to emulsify to break down the daily dirt and activate ingredients.  Once remove with a warm damp face cloth or carefully rinse one finds skin rebalanced and hydrated with no squeaky dry skin feeling!
Find out more about Alpha-H at www.alpha-h.com 

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