Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Time to glam up that glow!

A few weeks ago I discovered I was on the last of my ar457 Argan Scrub, simply one of the best on the market.  How was I going to get the most out of this?
I looked at my pore refining clay mask jar by Ole Henriksen called Firm Action Mask and thought, this could be an exfoliating mask that firms, hurrah!  I went ahead and mixed the two 'heros' then massaged the mix gently over my face (avoiding eye area) and relaxed in the bath for 15 minutes.
POW! POW! It was an excellent concoction which sloughed off my tired, dull skin to reveal baby soft radiance.  But how could I concoct this excellence again or was there something already out there to exfoliate and refine?

Glam Glow Mud has been on my radar for sometime, yes, this tiny pot has been hailed as a real 'beauty discovery' and a 10 minute HOLY GLOW facial!
Why mud?
What's not to love about mud/clay as it draws out impurities more effectively, keeps those pores tiny and can be one of the most efficient elements to home facials therefore, I was screaming with delight (inside) when a generous PR popped it in my bag of goodies recently and now I can say I have finally tried it.
Yes, behind the celebrity hype is a very simple product, though I will not go into the science part of tea leaves, the Patent Pending 'Teaoxi', antioxidant qualities etc. but I will say that it does tingle a little as promised leaving skin feeling toned and refined, as well as nicely buffed due to the exfoliating motion when rinsing off.  All in all a good combo I like all ready for me in one little black pot of glow!

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