Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I'm not fooling you, Oh Lief is here to stay!

When I get my hands on beauty products, which after a few times of use, has me thinking, 'Great!  It does exactly what is says on the tin!' I get pretty excited and need to share. Some of you may have seen the odd tweet from me mentioning the newest natural brand, Oh Lief which has me elated and guess what?  Some of the products actually do come in a tin AND out perform some of the very latest, premium body care products on the market.  Oh yes they do!

I'm a bit lazy when it comes to my lips, not with colour, I adore a bright lip but tending to dry lips is a really bad habit of mine.  I keep tubes and jars in my purse but only when its getting to cracking point do I slather on balm.  I am trying to get out of that habit so on my recent trip I delighted in keeping Oh Lief Lip Wax with me at all times and apply before even the slightly sign of dryness appeared.  The scent is soothing and texture is, well, balmy without the greasiness and it does last hours on my lips.

I'm all for steering clear of dry skin on my body not only to keep it hydrated and nourished but to avoid unsightly marks and blemishes which is why I apply cream, lotion and now Oh Lief Body Wax,  all part of my beauty ritual from such a young age, so much so that I feel odd if I don't perform it.  The scent blows me away, no, really! Grapefruit is so refreshing and as much as I'd be hard pushed to eat a grapefruit, its a pleasure to inhale the citrus notes every time I apply it.  More than this, your entire family can use these products, there is no fear of males thinking its all 'girly' smells.  Oh Lief even have a Baby range worth checking out, without doubt

Top Tip:  In addition to applying the Body Wax try the Natural Body Oil, yes, the winter months, central heating and certain materials against our skins take their toll which results in dryness and even more dryness therefore, occasionally opting for a boost with oil will have you truly moisturised and your skin ready for unveiling this Summer!

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