Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Beauty Stocking Filler ideas: Best Beauty Buys at Wilko!

Not sure I'm going to tickle everyone with these beauty accessories but I personally don't see why beauty should equal ridiculously expensive, fancy packaging along with the outrageous claims!  Hence why I am fanatical about Wilko, yes, that multi-purpose store that has almost all my daily essentials wrapped up from furnishings and fittings to laundry and kitchenware to these handy beauty essentials, shown below, for under £10!

Top Left to Right: Nail Soak Off Dish, Hand Held Make Up Mirror, Nail Brush, Toe Nail Clipper, Pumice Stone, Nail Buffer 4 in 1, Men's Large Foot File 
Yes, I did say for under £10, £8.50 to be exact.
How often do you find a Nail Soak Off Dish in your local chemist or store?
Not ever I should imagine and it proves they really have done their research and made sensible, practical choices such as with the 4 in 1 Nail Buffer, a top seller at Sephora and man-sized Foot File - a favourite of mine, not that I have man-sized feet but its sturdy!
Whatever you choose you'll be able to play at a snip when you discover the cosmetics aisles stocked with Essence, Sally Hansen and more.
Go and see for yourself the rubberised handled Top Nail Clipper and double sided Make Up Mirror, your store is well stocked and waiting, not to mention they have a multitude of more products online at Wilko.com

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