Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Post Party Beauty Alert: Make Up Eraser

You've spent time planning your look, 'should I go for RiRi, Swift or Kardashian?'
Then sourced high and low for those finishes touches and there's the ultimate finale, the make up!  Go glitter, colour splash or nude?
You're ready to party, then after a bonkers baubling night of fun-fueled festivities your 'party pleasing outfit' hits the bedroom floor (or hallway) then straight to bed.
Hands up if that's you?
Guilty, we've all done it and know why we shouldn't sleep with a full face, however, if only on those occasions I'd been kitted out with Make Up Eraser cloth, I would no longer be guilty of practicing one of the biggest beauty no nos.

Whether you're a gym freak, like to travel light, addicted to face wipes or just into the latest beauty must-haves investing in this wonder cloth is a good idea for swiping off lasting foundation and even the toughest mascara (yes, it does, I've tried it) in no time.  So, for those of you with a severe case of lazy-itis you will be in full recovery once you've added water to a section of the pink cloths short nap side and gently erased make up; you can even exfoliate using the other side.
At only £15.99, that's a great saving in cleansing products; although you don't get deep cleansing, I think this is a useful addition to my toiletry bag on those odd times I need swift make up removal whilst not laden with a heavy bag skincare.
Would you swap your cleansers for a facial cloth?

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