Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Beauty Alert: I spy something beginning with EYE!

I'm full of regret these days. As I get ever closer to my mid-40's *gulp* I recall moments of pure, unadulterated bravado and stupidity in my 20's.  "I won't get sucked into buying eye creams!" and "I will never dye my hair to cover the greys, that's so vain!!!"
  I am virtually slapping my face right now, like the scene in Airplane, when they all queue up to take turns.  What was I thinking, was I going mad?  
Since I've embarked on the path to parenting I pine for time and minimal effort to make myself appear less frazzled.  Eye creams for one have never taken on a huge role in my routine, instead, I have concentrated on the general appearance and quality of my complexion.  Roll on sleepless nights literally due to over-tiredness and I find concealer doesn't always cut it, although effectively disguises shadows but does little for the sunken eyes.
QVC is at times like being rocked to sleep by a soothing voice you can trust with the gravitational pull of easy payments and it was during one of those nights I was lured by the lullabies of the presenter who mentioned Joan Collins Timeless Beauty up next.  
I am a fan, not just of Ms Collins herself but I have reviewed her Divine Lips and Nail Lacquer not so long ago (view here) so I couldn't resist an eyeful of more luxury items to drool over.

I almost immediately received upteen text messages from friends and relatives watching our 'Joanie' on QVC that night (must have been a full moon) when her Timeless Beauty Contra Time 'Eyelift in a bottle' SuperLift aired and they pretty much all asked the same thing 'Do you think it really works?'
I was struck by the texture I saw glistening ever so slightly when she smeared the opaque formula onto the back of her hand.  There was only one way of knowing, I had to try it for myself!

Whether its the plant extracts or cermides (our friendly, waxy molecules) or the gentle tapping upwards around the eye area, Superlift leaves a healthy suppleness by de-puffing those delicate parts with the added bonus of brightening too. 
So yes, it does work and achieves much more.  I have more eye products I've spied and tested, plus some positively phenomenal skincare products to have you racing to my favourite beauty destinations...look out!

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