Tuesday, 28 April 2015

On the quest for youth...and a quick fix?

I've often said this and will repeat myself, we women are so hard on ourselves especially as we hit milestones like our 30's, 40's and 50's.  I do my damnedest to ignore these myself, its not easy but I don't beat the living daylights out of my growing older.  I often receive very harsh messages from friends, even friends of friends hitting a panic button to ask for advice on a 'turn the clock back now' product.
They must hate me, I begin with explaining how working on a routine, method and outlook is a healthy place to start.  It is often dashed with the 'but you must know a product that works?'

I do. I know plenty that work but like I say, this banishing the lines and open pores is part of an on going process and we are not all blessed with good genes, cheekbones and a non surgical skin specialist in the family.
Saying this I love my job and my dedication to the cause by testing out every skincare product I recommend, review and rave about, I honestly do.  I have to love it to love you to try it!  And I'm no snob about price either - there are star products out there and some are cheap as chips and other that are a good investment such as Gazelli Triple Youth White Oil REVIVING EYE CREAM.

At £40 for 15ml, I will start by saying a little amount on your ring finger tapped around the eye contours am and pm does mean a little goes a long way, in addition to it's qualities of soothing and nourishing the delicate eye area (bless the White Oil), de-puffing (thanks Black Tea) and one of my favourite things when it comes to these good skincare products, brightening (much obliged Rose Extract)!

Of course, I am not out slaying dragons, just testing the large youth pool of products for myself and whoever's reading or listening and I will keep repeating myself, a good place to start is with a routine, a method and attitude towards healthy skin not just quick fixes!

Check out Gazelli now if its not on your beauty radar!
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