Thursday, 10 March 2011

Skincare Classics!

Back in the late 70's, I would watch my mum slather on, wipe off and dab on various bits of cosmetics from her dressing table.  There was always a bottle of something fascinating to poke my fingers into or perfume to sniff and sneeze at but I was glued to these rituals and the results.
Roll on some years later, me, a Make-Up Artist with a boundless fascination and impulse to try as many products as I can no matter what the advertisers say.
I was handed over some Pond's Creams some time ago and with an endless backlog of products to test, I have only found the time to try these skincare classics recently.
Was I hesitant about trying skincare without a hefty price tag?
No, because these timeless cosmetics stay around for a reason, plus my mum has superb skin and sometimes, do I really want to overdose on science?
Pond's Cold Cream Cleansing Cream is as I remembered it, smooth, cool with it's unique texture to fully remove residue, make-up whilst leaving skin soft and yes, pretty much like a babies bottom.  I like using this Cold Cream, it does what it says it's going to do and that is all you want really.
 In addition to the Cold Cream, I thought I'd compliment my routine with Pond's Hydronourishing Cream, again, a texture I would only respresent with Pond's and their super rich creams.  Nourishing? Certainly. Long lasting hydration? Indeed, no need to reapply.  Leaves skin feeling and looking radiant? Yes, and I love creams that leave a slight sheen to makes skin appear more youthful.
Most happy to carry on using these classics, after all, I can't beat the ageing process but can work with Pond's as it's older and wiser than me!


  1. I have Pond's Cold Cream but the packaging is different. It's made of plastic and looks cheaper... x

  2. Hi Gaby, Yes, I've seen a green one online. This packaging is nice and simple. Enjoy using!x

  3. I'm hearing so much about this cream, I need to really check out the hype behind this. Would you suggest it for oily and acne prone skin?

  4. It is a great cream for removing make up and most often used in the theatre. I wouldn't however recommend it for oily skin, more for normal to dry!