Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Trend Alert! Fast forward 70's make-up.

Make Up Artists', me included, can make new trends look simple and effortless in a few steps.  The truth is, it can be that easy and with an injection of confidence and gusto, you really can achieve catwalk trends without the pressure of beauty rules.  Anything goes and make-up should be fun!  Above is a picture of a model I worked with on Monday for Hairdresser and super teaser, Maximiliano Centini, Fulham.  The heavy-duty blue sockets in Illamasqua Powder Eye Shadow in Imagine, sets off the look so be wise in choosing a highly pigmented eye shadow to do the job and essentially most of the work.
For speed and to set the tone for the look I firmly swept the eye shadow into the models sockets, far into inner and outer sockets whilst her eyes were open to make sure the eye shadow sits in the correct place to create a 'hollowed' effect.  The eye shadow was them pressed along the lower lash line and extended up and further out towards the tail end of the brows.  You might find it helps to use a coloured eye liner pencil such as Bourjois Metallic Eye Liner Pencils to draw the shape, then apply eye shadow over the top, then glide a metallic pencil along the water line for sultry depth.  Alternatively, you can ditch brushes and apply with fingers, this can assist blending!  For a complimentary flash of colour and to emphasise the eye shape and brows, I highlighted the eye lids with another matte colour, Illamasqua Powder Eye Shadow in Creep, then worked a touch of Lick Powder Eye Shadow under brows, avoiding the brow bone which was later finished off with Illamasqua  Pure Pigment in Furore.
Believe it or not, it does become straight forward....curl lashes, add a sturdy black mascara such as Dior Show Waterproof Mascara on upper and lower lashes, then I used Blink & Go Temptress lashes for added volume and wider eyes.  Skin?  Yes, a light veil of Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser No. 2 and 3, a generous sweep of Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer No. 11 over cheekbones, above the brow, forehead and bridge of the nose to hightlight and delicately sculpt contours of the face.  The finishes touch to lips had to remain neutral and almost bare, so I chose the coral tinge of Illamasqua Cream Pigment in  Emerge ,which I later used to block out brows by combing through eye brows for more drama and impact.
By now, you might be aghast at the list of products but I assure you, you're likely to have a stash of colourful palettes and unused products lurking so I hope this spurns you on to experiement, play and enjoy make-up like us Make Up Artist's get to do every day!

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