Thursday, 3 March 2011

Illamasqua and beyond!

I have already posted these pictures on Twitter today but here is a closer look at the 'unexpected' launch from Illamasqua named Toxic Nature.  I say unexpected, because often we are transfixed on devilishly dark, vampish looks from Alex Box, however, the earthy tones along with brights, all inspired by last years ash cloud episode, taken on a curious twist.  The squares pictures in the foreground are brand new, Cream Pigments; blendable, matte and can be used everywhere including hair!
I am totally in love with this shade for lips and what I would call Vermillion being from an art background, Illamasqua call it Flare.  It's a bold, powdery orange/red and the perfect for this Summer.
Now back to the Cream Pigments!  The infamous Spob was on hand today taking us Make Up Artists' through the new collections endless uses. These pots of cream pigment have depth like I've never seen and unlike greasepaint, leave a non-greasy finish which can be mixed into a paste for blocking, built up from a wash to solid colour or even used as a liner and seen here using Hollow, along the water line for a lasting eyeline. I've been informed of more colour and innovative textures from Illamasqua, your credit card has been warned!


  1. Wow that lipstick looks fierce!! x

  2. It does and I need to get one. No idea why I didn't think of it when I was at the store. Doh!