Monday, 16 May 2011

Rockin' them nails and bling!

Ok, so I wouldn't usually plaster my nails in something quite so bling but at a recent press event I thought, 'Why not?'
This is Nail Rock on my thumb and it did get the thumbs up.  These designer nail wraps are speedy to apply once you've prepped your nails by removing nail polish, shaping the edges and buffing the surface to reduce the chances of lumps and bumps. After selecting the correct size, place onto nail, blast some heat directly for a few seconds, then manipulate onto the nail plate and trim edges.  Blingo!  You have super fast designs in seconds.
Mine were applied on Wednesday by the sought after nail technician, Zoe Pocock, since then I've worked, shopped, showered, bathed, washed dishes, typed and they have remained in tact till today with only slight wear and tear to the tip, impressive, I think so too.  I am now keen to try a tamer style like the black and purple leopard print....!

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