Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The truth is, I'm just tired.

Always busy, therefore, always tired but how to beat puffy, fatigued eyes and look fresh as a daisy?
On my recent quest to find a soothing eye cream and avoid looking half asleep, I was introduced to Ole Henriksen Truth Is In The Eyes, a clear gel concentrate with the most gentle peeling action to assist anti-fatigue around the fragile eye area, with ingredients that claim to boost collagen production plus 'brighten, lighten and tighten',   I was not going to miss this trick.

I have been patting a minute amount around my eyes both day and night, a much smaller amount than is pictured (I got a little carried away but at least you can see the consistency).  A little goes a long way and for £57 for a 21g tube, rightly so!
The results haven't been taking my breath away...c'mon, what could visibly restore years of late nights though not all alcohol induced, lack of sleep and long working hours! What I am pleased to tell you is I now wake up in the morning without looking like someone has inflated my eye contours but instead performed a calming, ceremonious eye massage.
This products is most definitely becoming my best beauty companion, a few extra hours sleep in a tube.

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