Monday, 27 June 2011

Instant Lift!

We all want instant results don't we?
I would certainly love to find that one workout gives me an immediate toned physique but who am I kidding?
If I can't have that then what else is there?
Lengthy lift to my lashes? Yes, please and I may just have found the magic mascara to enable just that!

Before I reveal the brand and product name, just take a look at my eye with no sign of make-up first thing this morning.

I am, some would say a complete convert to eye lash curlers but not today, I am really giving this new mascara (which is not out until the end of August) a thorough test-drive.  One coat has been applied to my lashes and already we have lift and definition.  Also, this true black mascara dries quickly but remains flexible enough to apply more should you wish to.

 I didn't stop there.  Another coat and more lift, in fact, are they even real?
Last week, I wore this mascara twice and each day someone stopped me in mid-conversation to ask if my lashes were real, what am I using and where can I purchase this 'false-effect' mascara, NOW?

Here she is and what a beauty! Yes, this miracle lift mascara is from those clever minxes at Benefit who have created the ultimate wand.  Notice the plastic bristles at the top of the wand; sphere-like to nudge those lashes to full capacity and beyond.

And here is a better look at 'they're Real' in it's hourglass packaging, something of a nice surprise from Benefit to tantalise us with a slick bullet of impact and sophistication.
My only concerns, although I am truly impressed with 'they're Real', is that it may dry up quite quickly and run out in no time but only time will tell.

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