Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stoney Toned Toes.

I love talking nail colours and more often than not, bright shades, which are a little playful and work well against my skin colour. Since April, I've worn all shades of coral, occasionally beige, though generally towards a more orangey palette but never deep or darker shades, never!
Seeing as our summer seems to have gone AWOL, I have vowed to continue to wear my wintry attire and today, I adopted this idea to my toe nails using Rituals Amber Stone.  I adore this warm grey shade!  In daylight it adopts an aubergine-like tone which makes it extremely flattering on all skin tones, certainly more than other 'greys' I've accumulated overtime, plus tends to be a popular, though curious choice in my nail kit.  Sadly, there aren't many clients who recognise Rituals extend their cosmetics range to nail colours.  Therefore, they deserve a mention as they are exceptionally good.

In an attempt to achieve longer lasting colour, I prepped toes with Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Pre-Varnish Prep, without doubt this is a genius product and dries quickly to prepare the nail bed with a smooth, residue-free canvas. I then applied Rituals Amber Stone, one coat I might add, just one, yes, one!  The brush does all the work so I painted with ease, then finished off with Rituals Top Coat, which I class as one on the most effective top coats on the market; it lasts, remains shiny for up to 5 weeks and creates the ultimate finish.
I now can't stop looking at my feet, maybe as I am used to a bright pop of colour beaming back at me but I think more so because I love this intense, stoney shade and delighted at the quality finish of Rituals.  I dare you to try a new shade and above all, try a brand you've not tried, you could be pleasantly surprised!

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