Friday, 17 June 2011

Is there an aid to healthy hair?

I've reported many a time about my hairloss and all the natural or bizarre remedies I've tried but since growth and thickening have gradually taken shape,  how have I managed to keep my hair well maintained and in good condition?
I used to be a once-a-day hair washer in my youth, when I would style my hair using the latest styling range and attempt super sticky coiffed looks from either an entire can of mousse or bottle of gel spray. These days, I couldn't think of anything worse and love to be product-free to feel silky soft hair and see a natural sheen on my locks, which is why I now try not to wash my hair too often.  Vigorous washing in hot water can lead to more weakness, especially around the hairline and that is the last thing I need,  therefore a relaxed approach to my routine has me washing every few days alternating between an organic range and Viviscal Shampoo and Scalp Cleanser.

Before using Viviscal Shampoo and Scalp Cleanser, I have to admit I felt a faint pang and an expectation that this product would smell medicinal.  Then I thought I might feel a grimy residue in my hair whilst rinsing as you find with so many thickening shampoos.  I then anticipated my hair would feel thicker yet dull and difficult to style.  I was wrong on ALL accounts and 'it does what it says on the tin' with the aid of stimulating ingredients: wheat proteins, Vitamin E, Caffeine and Panthenole (VitB6) to optimise growth and healthy hair.
Mission accomplished!

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