Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sleek Recollection!

Yet another blog about Sleek Cosmetics Eye Colour Palettes! Yes and I have good reason, they are a decent staple and this palette in Monaco is a good mix of brights and neutral shades.  Perfect for daytime to occasion!
I used Sleek back in the early 90's when I was beginning my career as a Make Up Artist with a low budget for purchasing darker foundation shades for my kit.  Back then it was not so easy to find a brand that would stretch from olive or tanned to dark shades.  The quality wasn't too good but it filled a whole for a little while. Their eye shadows never hit my radar which is why I am beyond thrilled to see a versatile palette such as this.

During my trip to Superdrug, whilst prepping for a TV commercial I also came across Sleek Glitter Eyeliners, Hollywood a star studded gold and the minty spangly, Mojito. I was impressed with the palette and found these equally fabulous.

As part of my research into the character for this TV commercial I came up with this sparkly combo for eye make up.  I like the sheen and lime green hue of Kiwi Zest combined with the glitter of Mojito, it fits my brief well, although I may prefer a matte eye shadow instead.  All in all it was a pleasant surprise to have this brand back in my kit.  Keep it up!


  1. I REALLY like Sleek Eye makeup. Good reminder (I so rarely get round to even applying shadow in the morning!!

  2. Sleek in Kiwi Zest worked a treat today on tv ad, really lasted well and the glitter was superb and didn't dull down at all! Keep playing Amy!