Saturday, 11 June 2011

So Delicately Discontinued!

Is there any point in me declaring my love of Bourjois So Delicate when they are being discontinued?
Maybe not, but I thought I'd bring these velvety soft lippies to your attention so you can go grab them before they go!
The rosey hues of this range are subtle yet the powdery finish reveals a subtle block that works well with the ever popular smokey eyes or with more neutral earthy tones.
I have a stash of these lipcreams which I shall be using carefully as I wear these myself and I am sad to see this range disappear.  As with most discontinued items beauty companies tend to launch something similar yet with an improved formulation. Let's hope this is the case.


  1. aww i hate it when favourites get discontinued. Ive never tried these xx

  2. If you ever come across any then grab them, such a lovely finish. Was gutted when I found out but managed to get a stash for my kit! x