Saturday, 12 November 2011

My latest obsession, Front Cover!

I have become a little obsessed and curious about how some of the other collections might look on me.  Although I have tried these on shoots, I haven't applied them to darker skin yet so I was keen to see the effects and styles I could come up with as a low maintenance make up wearer.

These are what I tested, Front Cover Top Drawer  collection a colourful array of chunky pencils you might initially think 'what a mixed bag!'  
I think, these are speedy essentials and a great way to add depth and dimension without the fuss of pots of loose glitter or pigments.

It was a relief to see all the shades show up, here's a run down on names and a brief description.  From Top to Bottom: Purple Durple - solid deep purple, Lemon - sour lemon glitter, Pine Needle - bold jade green, Chalk - ice blue shimmer , Moccasin - taupe gold and Drifter - bright metallic blue.

Complete with a Black Kohl Eye Pencil with Smudger on one end and ...

...a Double Penicl Sharpener, yes, they've thought of everything at FC HQ!

Firstly, I thought I'd select the brightest pencil, Pine Needle, which leaves a solid line and shows up on my skin.  It does remind me of what I've seen on X Factor's, Little Mix recently.

I then extended the line to a flick making for more impact and to elongate my eye shape.

I finished off by adding the shimmery pencil, Chalk onto the centre of the eye line and swept towards the inner eye.  I love it.  A confident flash of colour with a dewy highlight, quick and easy to achieve. There are so many options of where to go with this, I could have added the glittery Lemon pencil over the green line or even used Purple Durple as the starting point. 
If I had fancied going all out I could have drawn a glittery line with the Chalk or Lemon pencils for a sparkly eyeline, the possibilities are endless.
That was one look in the bag, now a sultry effect...

I started with Moccasin as a base. It glided on well and added a flattering sheen to my eye lids, something I would like to wear for everyday.

I incorporated Lemon to the centre of the eyelids, a glimmering effect that adds nicely for this sultry look.

To finish I smudged the Black Kohl Pencil along the lower lash line and for added smokiness, placed it along the waterline.  Smouldering eyes!

And a top view where you can see the sparkle!

There are more directions, hints and tips on the inside of the box with images too so you can perfect plenty more playful looks with precision.  This is an economical beauty must-have, now  I cannot wait to try more of the Front Cover sets, I am officially obsessed!
Available online or in store at Boots.


  1. Such a lovely post, really appreciate the clear pics and the details. Great to see the brighter colours applying pigmented and the sparkly ones really add a lovely dimension. Moccasin looks gorgeous as a base on you. Wondering how well they last, do they set for long lasting wear? Diane x

  2. Hi Diane, thanks for trying to comment again. It has lasted well, I wore Moccasin today and it gave a nice glimmer all day. I am more and more impressed with Front Cover the more I use them at work and on myself. x

  3. That's great to hear, quite often when pressed for time, pencils are the way I choose to go and I do enjoy a pop of colour, mostly on my lower lashes. I've often seen their sets and been curious about the brand, so I do appreciate the review. Thanks for the reply :-) Diane

  4. Worth more than just a look, they are exceptionally good value for money and are selling out fast! x