Thursday, 10 November 2011

Blue is the colour!

Time and time again I am asked, 'What colour eye shadow would suit me?', 'Who does the best eye-shadows?' and 'Eye-shadows never show up on my skin or last, what would you suggest?'
The time has come to put one brand, yes, a brand I love to the test and also face my personal fear of bold eye colours on my dark complexion! *gulp*

In addition to those questions comes the issue of budget.  'But I can't afford those premium brands all you Make Up Artists' recommend in the beauty pages!'
I hear you and I am no beauty nazi!  I would rarely say there is no inexpensive solution because quite frankly, I know Front Cover Cosmetics. They wouldn't let me down, would they?

For a start, Front Cover kits are selling out fast which tells you something.  They are complete colour trends cleverly put together with clear instructions and suggestions, plus what is not to love about a kit that hones in one key make up trend directly from the catwalk.  
As you can see, Blue Eyed Girl is awash with blue hues, 3 (extremely velvety) eye-shadows with double ended applicator, a double ended mascara, Shadowline (one of my favourites) and finally a nail polish, in a beautiful midnight blue I might add.

One end a black mascara, a good staple product and a bright blue mascara.  I know what you're thinking, very 80's and can she pull it off? Will that show up on me?  Not sure but I'm willing to give it a go!

I love Front Cover Baked Eye-Shadows, they last and translate well in true colour so I was surprised to find these even more refined, smooth and velvety in texture. (top to bottom) Tie Dye, Bluesaceous and Silver Frost.  I know I am an expert but I have always had issues with blue eye colours on dark skin but from these tests, I was pleasantly surprised though I was most curious about whether Bluesaceous would look good on me as these blues on an Asian skin tone tend not to go hand in hand and hand on heart I have never worn a colour like this, I half expect it to look grey and wishy-washy!

It's a highlight for me to show you Shadowline, an innovative take on eye liner because you pick up the colour with the Shadowline tip, then glide along the lashline to create a 'mean' flick of intense colour. What's not to love!

One coat!  Just one coat of this stunning, dazzling deep nail colour in Singed.

I am sporting Tie Dye, the darkest shade applied with the eye-shadow brush (white end) and one coat of the black end of the Black/Blue Mascara.  Thoughts?
I love it but how far could I go?  Could I retain depth and recreate that 'on trend' A/W look?

I really could, by sweeping Tie Dye as close the the lower lash line, with the blending end of the applicator, dabbing Bluesaceous to the centre of the eyelids and a tad on inner eye, followed by Shadowline in the same colour to upper and lower lash lines.

Here's a side shot.  I have achieved the 'Blue Eyed Girl' look.

As I mentioned before, I was hesitant about Bluesaceous but I needn't have been.  Washed over the entire eye lids looked elegant against my skin tone and gave me an idea of how to wear my make up for a friends December wedding.

And a cheeky coat of the blue mascara added another dimension.  I have to stress, I love this blue mascara  applied over the black, it catches your eye with an unexpected pop of colour.

This set exceeded my expectations, especially as someone who is rarely drawn to 'blues' or intense colour on my skin, I tend to be a bright lip person but I have been converted.  It is at times easy for me to enthuse clients about the use of colour without fear, so my lesson is learnt and at only £12, I feel I have answered those common questions and plenty of my own.
Have you tried Blue Eyed Girl or other Front Cover Sets?
Available in all good Boots Stores.


  1. I have some of the same formula shadows from the Billion stars collection. Only just started to play with them, but I'm definitely loving them so far. I really like how Bluesaceous looks on you. the icy blueness comes across really well. x

  2. Worth playing with them. I have been using Moon Dust a lot and cannot wait to show how I use them on shoots, though I am now thinking I might have to try them on myself, watch this space.
    As for Bluesaceous yes, I wouldn't have initially matched that to my skin but it works, thank you! x

  3. this looks great! Love using their air kiss set right now x

  4. Hi Kia, thank you. So glad you are using FC, I think Air Kiss set is fantastic, great array of wearable shades!