Thursday, 30 August 2012

The point to Skin Needling.

I must admit that when I first heard about Skin Needling I was initially intrigued, then thought of all the hygiene implications; how would you keep the roller clean?  Would it draw blood?  Was the idea of perforating ones skin for beauty a realistic one and would this ever be a worthy winner in the high rolling beauty stakes?
I can understand the benefits facial acupuncture might have to stimulate pressure points and penetrate the skin so deeply to improve circulation and draw out unwanted impurities to aid skin to health but Micro Needling?  Was this the next gimmick of all gimmicks?
Medik 8 among others think not and recommend it as an impressive way to activate skin cells and boost collagen production which in turn delivers healthy, radiant skin by creating 'micro "injuries" in the skin which trigger new collagen..yet does not pose the risk of permanent scarring'

SO here goes, I thought the best way to understand and see results was to attempt this for 4 weeks using Medik 8’s Titanium Dermaroller and recent launch, CE-Thione, essentially Vitamin C.  And why is this form of Vitamin C so sustainable as an anti-ageing effect on wrinkles?
Vit C is an antioxidant though in other forms like L-Absorbic Acid (most commonly used in skincare) it's actually ineffective and incapable of existing as an ingredient that protects skin, therefore becomes a free-radical; in simple terms can do more harm than good! 

Before I embarked fully, I thought it best to get my skin used to the ultra-fine micro needles; how painful, if at all could it be?  
Not in the slightest, just a slight tingling sensation, rather than prickly one and something I didn't expect, baby soft skin instantly with no visible signs of punctures to my skin.  Knowing my skin does not show major skins of   
The quest; to use this system 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks, here goes:

My skin (right side of face) before skin needling which I believe has the most visible damage; open pores with a tendency to black heads, fine lines and dehydration.
1 week into the skin system and a tiny break out but I'm unsure whether that was just my skin or the micro needling though there is evidence of a slight plumpness to skin showing around the mouth.
3 weeks of using the Dermaroller with CE-Thione and my skin is feeling more hydrated with noticable plumpness and firmness.  Dare I say too some fine lines have reduced effectively!
4 weeks and my skin has continued to tone up.  I apologise if you find it unremarkable but I can see and feel the effects.

All in all, I am impressed and so are my friends who exclaim I have 'relaxed and refreshed holiday skin'!
I didn't expect my complexion to appear so much firmer or to diminish fine lines as it did, especially when I didn't have signs of extreme ageing. Overall I love how my skin appears toned with a smoother surface and slight reduction in pore size too with the added bonus of more hydration, which is something I crave as it is harder to keep skin plump and boosted with moisture even in the warmest months.
I shall continue to occasionally add this to my routine and even amidst the controversy of 'to skin needle or not', I would like to recommend this skin system to certain individuals. It will not turn back the clock (nothing will) but its an effective way to prevent premature ageing and we all like a little help in that department, don't we?


  1. very interesting!! I am too scared to do it but impressed with your feedback

    1. Hey, it really isn't too scary. I first tested it out before embarking on a 4 wk trial as I thought I might find my skin irritated by it but it has been remarkable and have gone to using it once a week now.

  2. It really isn't scary and it really doesn't hurt. A numbing cream can be applied first with no side effects and really makes it painless. Done by a Medik8 therapist it will be done carefully and gently. Try it on your arm first to test what it feels like. Simply the best treatment around.

  3. I use dermarollers, they don't hurt and you can really see the difference.