Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Nothing compares to Diego Dalla Palma.

diego brand

You must of heard of Diego Dalla Palma by now, if not, then just pop over to Tesco Direct!
Yes, amongst the veg and ready meals comes a remarkably sophisticated cosmetics range from Milan, Italy.  I have been waiting patiently for Diego Dalla Palma to hit the shelves though I didn't expect it to arrive somewhere as accessible as Tesco.

The brand is, *ahem*, nearly as old as me, born in the mid-70's by, yes, the genius creator, Diego Dalla Palma himself, a superstar make up artist of TV and Theatre, with a flair and dedication to colour, texture and light, hence why the line is causing a stir amongst industry pro's here in the UK, while the Italian's roll their eyes at us as DDP, the brand has been their make up artists' haven for an impressive number of years.

How does one put it into words about how sensational this brand really is?
There is nothing comparable to DDP, no, there isn't!
Er, why the need to compare one brand with another?
Ok, maybe if I told you this iconic make up brand is the 'MAC' of Italy.  This may seem an outlandish thing to say but for those of you new to world of make up, MAC is not the only revolutionary and diverse brand. Shock horror! I may go to Beauty Hell along with all the discontinued products you or I have ever loved!
If there was ever a time to think outside the box and to try something new, then this is it!
I sense DDP was one of the first brands to push the boundaries of cosmetics and art, conjuring mixed media to make bold statements like 'make up is art'; you just have to feel the texture of the Wet Powder (out next Spring) and you might just understand.  Seeing as I do come from an art background the products inspire me.

Whitening anti age foundation SPF 30 /PA+++ high protection

I am slowly working my way through some of the DDP products, namely, Whitening Anti Age Foundation SPF 30, which on first use exceeded my pretty high expectations.  Firstly, I believe although labelled 'anti-age' it leaves a favourable finish to anyone, if anything, knowing the weightless liquid is boosted with SPF 30 makes for a very sensible purchase.  When I initially pumped the foundation onto my hand I thought it would suit drier skin types better but after trialling on youthful, oilier skins I would in fact recommend it to all skin types, in winter months especially.


I am yet to experiment further and indeed I will.  I already have the best-seller, Semi Permanent Mascara which I am eager to try on photoshoots this week.

My final thought and unfortunately its a bit of a negative one; the complete range doesn't quite seem to have settled into its new home on Tesco Direct, which I might add is a bit higgledy piggledy.  It would be a sensible start for this high quality brand to be presented accordingly, with click-throughs that work to give it a good shot so as not to be pulled from the shelves due to poor sales.  Pull out all the stops and get the e-commerce tip top then you might find a remarkably smart beauty junkie ready to add DDP to their basket.

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