Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My, my, my face!

I've admitted it before and will do again, I tend not to wear much make up, though I am passionate about cosmetics, I do consider myself an artist, therefore, I tend not to experiment much on myself.
However, when I was offered to try my face cosmetics and saw how they categorise their range into colours and shades to suit 'your face'.  It is a very simple way for consumer to decide on the correct shades specifically for them and on my quest to prove there are products out there for everyone, the challenge was set, could I find some basic products for me!?

I'm always riddled with dark circles under my eyes, especially at the moment with stress and lack of sleep!

The my face product I selected was Medium>Dark concealer, 311.  A decent yellow toned concealer in a super light formula, which concerned me, would it cover and stay put?

I dotted the concealer in the darkest areas. The colour match at this point was good, I was relieved the liquid didn't alter in colour as soon as it touched my skin, which for those of you with darker complexions would understand.  I then blended the colour with my ring finger, smoothed into all the knooks and crannies around my eyes.

Impressed?  I am. The concealer has brilliantly blurred my uneven shadows and brightened around my eyes.  Challenge one was complete so what next!

This warm 'neutral' palette of eye colours called Morocco appealed to me as I am somewhat keen on 'nudes', which can be the trickiest of looks to get right.  Why? Because some of us have pink, yellow or blue undertones and to perfect 'nude' one needs to compliment that.  The top shade is a cool beige, the second a coppery bling tone, then finally a deep dark bronze colour.

I applied the darkest shade over my eye lids with the minute applicator.  I would recommend using a larger brush, but a few sweeps and it was on very smoothly indeed!

This is quite a lot of make up for me at this point but what the hell, I wanted to try all the shades in the Morocco palette.  I dabbed the bling tone onto to the centre of my eye lid, then the cool beige was carefully applied to the inner eye as an additional highlight. 

I like to apply lip colour before cheeks sometimes, this helps one judge how much blush they really need, plus we tend to decide on a lip colour before blush anyway.  I had decided to use Medium>Dark, Rose Lip Pencil, a soft pink along with Medium>Dark Ooh Baby Baby, a fantastic nude with just enough beige and just enough pink.

I decided to keep this entire look in brown tones, so this blusher in Sul'tan' of Swing was perfect to contour and add a warmth to my cheeks.  As much as my skin tone is medium/dark asian skin with a yellow base, I abhor that 'no blush' look on asian ladies or any lady for that matter.  Why oh why leave blusher out of your routine?  The tones in our skin can make us appear flat and as much as we are darker than some, that additional pop of colour or depth is essential to reveal a complete look.

And here is the finished look, well within my comfort zone and most importantly, the my face range for Medium>Dark skin were the perfect match.
Have you tried my face and would you try any of these products I tried?

Now you can!  If you use code: "blogbling", you will receive a free Silver Screen Blingtone (£9.99 value) with the purchase of any other myface product (at least 1 myface item must be purchased to receive the free blingtone).
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  1. I've tried myfacecosmetics and did a video awhile back. Funnily enough I made a beeline for Ooh baby baby lipstick too, love the Sultan blush but I picked up Fever one instead, such gorgeous texture and pigmentation. That eyeshadow palette looks very pretty. I also have one of their foundations but have only used it once in Spring but then we had that freak hot weather and I got tanned! as it's my winter shade it's about time I got it out to try again. Really great to see how the concealer works on you. Thanks for posting. Dianeuk01 x

  2. Hi Diane, I had a feeling you might be someone familiar with these products already!
    Yes, very impressed with the concealer, so light in texture, doesn't crease and has stayed put all day.
    Really impressed and look forward to trying more!
    Thanks for commenting. x