Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A closer look at the transformations on the Fabulous Bingo TV Ad.

Some of the TV ads I work on tend to get a fair run but others are quick, snappy offers such as the recent Fabulous Bingo ad with characters Kate and Candi in a 'greasy spoon'.   As with all their adverts, Fabulous Bingo like to show a big reveal of Kate, the plain Jane type and the surroundings.

Kate, looking dreary, unkempt, though yes, the actress is naturally pretty.

Then the reveal to a polished, fashion concious Kate after signing into Fabulous Bingo online.  Notice the background change too!

Then the slightly stroppy Candi, rather 'Essex' style in lots of bronzer, lashes and lip gloss.

Then a not so groomed Candi.  Find out more at Fabulous Bingo!!!

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  1. I was wondering if Kate had a site or more work, i think she's great looking, and i agree with you, that she is naturally pretty :)