Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sexy, understated beauty.

I know you all love a 'before and after', it's a great way to see the impact of a product, colour, effect.  I worked with hair maestro, Maximiliano Centini and photographer, Vic Singh on a recent shoot for the  salon.  Flora is the house model and kindly allowed me to show one of my transformations one her again.

Firstly, no base, just Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer on Flora's face.  Then a wash of Dior coppery bronze from the Golds 5 Colour palette over the entire eye area, up into the brow bone and lower lashes.  

I chose to use the deepest khaki shade from my Givenchy, Khaki Egerie Prisme into across the sockets.  These are lovely colours against grey, blue or green eyes and very much on trend!

I blended more of the khaki shades around the eyes, then added beige and shimmery yellow highlights to the centre of the lower lash line, plus a dab a shimmering pale gold by RMK Ingenious Powder Eye colour on the inner eye for a sexy highlight.  One coat of Diego Dalla Palma Semi Permanent Mascara gave lashes some separation and lengthening effect. I decided not to use individual or strip lashes to enhance Flora's features in a more natural way.

Now that the Givenchy Mattmate foundation was buffed on and sadly discontinued, (sorry), I also achieved brightening on the upper part of the cheek bones and around the eye area with Une Skin Glow Pencil.  Finally, you can see why I rave about this gem all the time.
Absolutely no powder was necessary on Flora's skin but to aid sculpting I applied Pixi Lumi Lux Bronzer, which gave a subtle sheen so skin appeared radiant, rather than flat and lifeless.

So as not to overplay the lips I kept it simple by dabbing a mix of MAC Gloss with a tad of Front Cover bronze loose eye colour from the Moon Dust collection.  This gave a subtle colour in similar tones to the eyes keeping the look groomed and understated.

Is this a look you would like to recreate? 

p.s. Look out for the final look soon!!!


  1. Yes, that is definitely a look I'd love to recreate and fab use of the frontcover loose pigment. dianeuk01 x

  2. That's great to hear! Yes, they mix well with gloss and I loved the sheen and tone. So versatile! x