Sunday, 17 July 2011

Short and sweet!

I am a fortunate to travel with my job and go to some beautiful places.  Most recently Positano, near Sorrento, Italy, a breathtaking remote place by the sea.  The job was vague and even now I'm not sure I can reveal much but thought I'd share this romantic setting with you and how brief some of these jobs can be.
This was the view from my balcony in the morning of my job. I had flown in late the night before with the photographer, David Loftus then driven along the windy roads from Naples airport to Positano.  I had been warned I might get car sick, I certainly felt my stomach leap a few times.
The job itself was just a few hours, I began prepping hair at 9.45 am, then completed the make up of soft bronze tones using Dior Rosy Tan 5 Colour Palette on the eyes along with Eylure Individual Lashes, Ellis Faas Skin Veil as a light base and finally Carmex Moisture Plus in Clear.  Hair was styled to a relatively textured style, a slight wave, perfect for 85% humidity.
My taxi picked me up at around 1 pm to drive the one and a half hour journey back to Naples airport for my flight back to the UK.  I told you it was short and sweet!

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