Monday, 18 July 2011

Small packages, refreshing results!

These handy capsules are not eye drops but La Roche-Posay Eye Make Up Removers packaged in such a nifty way I had to mention them on my blog!
They do remind me of the clever designs from Lisa Hoffman, mentioned on my blog, (see archives) and I love them, therefore I was thrilled at seeing a skincare item so space saving and an ideal travel product.

Do they remove every trace of eye make up, gel liner, eye shadow and mascara?
Yes, they remove all eye make up thoroughly.

Do they remove waterproof mascaras too?
I have not tried as yet, though what I enjoy most is the clean finish and zero residue, if anything my eyes feel refreshed and ultimately that I am removing my eye make up in the most gentle way, after all it is such a delicate area of the face.

How do they fair against regular eye make up removers?
You'll never use too much so this is cost effective skincare as you gently squeeze a small amount onto a cotton pad.  Most beauty experts would agree, never remove eye make up with the same cotton pad, this lowers any risk of contamination and infection, a no brainer, meaning this is an ideal product for keeping hygiene high.  Just dampen one cotton pad, press onto closed eye in downward motion and refrain from rubbing.

These are a great addition to my kit and my make up bag and if I don't use the entire capsule in one cleanse, I just press the lid back on for the next time.

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